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A series of journeys through 6 continents, attempting to visit every gliding site in the world,

whilst raising funds for charity, by an overweight middle-aged Englishman on a bicycle.


Stage 1: Africa: Top to Bottom

I am breaking the journey up into 'stages' according to the continents of the world and I expect the entire journey to see me well into what maybe termed 'retirement years'. I intend to start the first 'stage' of my journey in the summer of 2012, starting from the Wasserkuppe (the birthplace of modern gliding) in Germany, travelling through southern Europe and am hoping to ride from the northern most point to the southern most point in continental Africa  - political situations and various governments allowing. Along the way I will attempt to visit all the gliding sites in Africa.

I will be supporting the charities, Handicap International, Aerobility and charities involved in encouraging the disabled to glide, during the journey. I hope to raise funds, support and  awareness of the charities, as well as raising the profile of the sport of gliding, through the media and by giving talks and presentations along the way. I also have a Learning section on the site where I hope to put resources that may be useful in teaching about the countries I shall be travelling through, cycling, gliding, disability and other subjects.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit the site- please feel free to have a good look around,


P.S. Please help me raise funds for the charities I am supporting

 visit my JustGiving Page for Handicap International and JustGiving Page for Aerobility 


  Letter of support (pdf) from the, Letter of support (pdf) from the

Letter of support (pdf) from the

   International Gliding Commission 

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