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Kids Electric Scooters

The Ride + Glide range of kid’s electric scooters represents some of the highest quality around, from the simple to the advanced. Our range includes firm favourites from Razor. The brand is well-known for delivering exceptional quality at accessible prices and the mixture of speed and safety ideal for kids.

The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is light, safe and manoeuvrable with a top speed of 15km/h. It has a range of up to 21km and weighs just 9.9kg. It’s the ideal beginner electric scooter.

The Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter is a more advanced kids electric scooter and the perfect step up from the Core E90. It has a top speed of 24km/h and a range of around 12km. It also weighs just 9.9kg.

Both models deliver the fun and excitement your child craves tempered by sensible top speeds and superb stability!

Time to Ride & Glide


Our Brand Partners

“I’m a snowboarder and surfer but living in Sussex, chances to get out much are slim. The OW changed everything! I am riding to work, have been over gravel tracks, golf courses and beaches with it and I have barely had it for a month! The only thing it has in common with other electric toys is just that – it’s electric. The ride is insane, it’s easy and intuitive so even my son picked it up immediately. The motor has so much power, it’s insane!!

I am 42 years old and this thing regularly makes me feel 25 again! It’s not cheap but worth every penny. There is a huge community of riders out there, tons of accessories to customise and pimp your ride. The guys at R&G have been great, could not fault their service. If you are considering getting one, stop thinking and push the button now, you won’t regret it. Best purchase I have made in years!”

Julian Erbsloeh - June 25, 2019

Wow! Thank you R&G. I absolutely love my Mellow Drive S. Not only am i grateful for your advice but i really appreciate your help with fitting it. I have never travelled to work on my longboard so easily. Already saved £150 in fuel this month! Can not recommend these guys and the kit, enough.

Nick Ford - School Teacher, Plymouth .

After going for a test run on the SR FLEX-E board I knew I wouldn’t be walking much in the future, I had to have it and now I do! I love taking it down the seafront promenade and going for a cruise. Pete and Pascal were great finding a board best suited to me and I thank them for their help.

Jeremy Innes - Marketing Strategist.