Off Road Electric Scooters

What happens when you take a top tier electric scooter, raise the ride height and add some off-road wheels? You get an off-road electric scooter. All the fun of an electric scooter with off-road ability. What could be cooler than that?

Ride and Glide stocks the best off-road electric scooters from Dualtron, and Kaabo. Each brand has a well-earned reputation in electric scooters and has brought all their knowledge to bear to deliver off-road ability with no compromise.

These are not your normal run-of-the-mill electric scooters. Off-road electric scooters are a different beast entirely. They can have dual electric motors, suspension, higher ride height, off-road specific wheels, hydraulic brakes and even tubeless tyres!

With genuine off-road ability, high speeds, long-range and fast-charging capability, off-road electric scooters are the new way to explore!