Vehicle Part Exchange Scheme

How does Part Exchange Work?

You let us know a bit about your vehicle, such as it’s age and condition, send us some pics, and we will make you an offer that you can’t (possibly) refuse. If you accept, and once we’ve recieved your vehicle, we’ll take that amount off the purchase price of a shiny new set of wheels for you.

You can use part exchange to buy any vehicles listed on our website. For example, if you part exchange your scooter, you can either buy an upgraded scooter, or an e-bike, or even a Onewheel. We don’t discriminate!

Which vehicles are accepted?

We normally accept most of the following types of second hand vehicles:

  • Onewheels
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric bikes

Get in touch to find out if yours is eligible

Any other criteria?

In order to part exchange your vehicle you need to be the owner and have proof of purchase. If you accept the price we offer you’ll send the vehicle to us and cover the cost for this. However, as long as the vehicle matches your description when looked over by our technicians, we’ll add the delivery cost to the discount you get off your new purchase. 

Want more information about our part exchange scheme? You can call us with questions on 0330 043 1980 or email [email protected]