Takuma Cruising 2 E-foil


The Takuma Cruising 2 Efoil is perfect for beginners starting out their journey and experts to hone their skills. The Cruising 2 glides above the water with ease and its powerful hub motor allows the rider to reach speeds of up to 28kph!

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1 Years Warranty

You get 1 years warranty, supported by our fully-equipped service centre. See full warranty details.

Product Features

top speed
Top Speed:
up to 28km/hr
Charge Time
Charge Time:

Product Specification

Top Speed up to 28kph

Max Range

65 to 70 minutes with the 25ah battery. Range depends on weight, conditions and level

Charge Time

3 hours


Approx 19kg with 25ah battery

Board size

6'3 x 30" 150l

Front Wing


Mast length



Li-ion 43.2v - 25ah removeable battery


3Kw brushless motor

Board Material

EPS Board with fibreglass finishes

Check out the Cruising 2 Efoil in action. Its like flying above water, gliding through the air in style!

Although, you can’t truly appreciate how epic the feeling is without trying it. No wind? No waves?…No problem! This e-foil means you can be out on the water whatever the conditions.

Takuma cruising 2 efoil ridden at sea by a man facing away with a mountain as the back drop

The Takuma Cruising 2 Efoil has been designed to make the amazing sport of efoiling as accessible as possible. The short mast and large wing surface facilitate an easy, stable take-off and effortless glide for all riders.

The Cruising 2 is super easy to set up and really inyuitive to control with the new minimalistic remote!

Takuma cruising 2 efoil being carried by a girl next to the sea

Through some clever engineering Takuma have dramatically reduced the weight of the Cruising 2 whilst improving performance and buoyancy. This makes it easier to take off, manoeuvre and carry!

There is also the option of doubling the range with an extra battery which of course means double the fun!! If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us or pop in for a chat!

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