Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) are the future of transportation. We know that, you know that, but sadly many of the world’s governments have not realised this yet. And that’s why there is a real grey area over the legality of using them on roads and public spaces.

In this blog post we tell you how we got the UK’s first road legal electric scooter- the Skotero Humley – approved by the DVLA.


The start of the journey

Our journey started when one of our suppliers – Skotero – mentioned that one of his products has an EU certificate of conformity (168/2013). Now to some of you this may not sound exciting, but to us it was! 

We realised that this meant there was an opportunity to try and get the Humley declared as being ‘road legal’ – something that no one else in the UK has managed to do with any PLEV yet.

There are specific prerequisites for a vehicle to have to be approved with the 168/2013 certificate, which includes: having a seat, having a headlight and having a speedometer measuring MPH. Knowing this we started having conversations with the DVLA, which ended up being really positive.

The next step was to try and find an insurer that would recognise the Humley as being a road legal vehicle that could be insured. This was more challenging than we thought, but we managed to find one in the end.

Getting the green light

We are excited to report that we have recently had it approved by the DVLA and have just picked up the number plate within the last week and will be taking it out for a burn very soon! Keep an eye out for a chopper that makes no sound and has a Ride and Glide flag sticking out the back. 

If you have a driving licence issued prior to 2001 it will cover this motorcycle fully. Its known as Grandad rights! If you don’t you will have to do a CBT licence but it will not require you having ‘L’ plates. If you have a motorbike license then you are ready to roll!

What about other PLEVs becoming road legal?

Here at Ride and Glide we are working with the DVLA, TFL and HMRC closely, in order to be recognised among these governing bodies as a company pushing for safe and green road legal vehicles. The Stigo S+ and S has the 168/2013 certificate also and we are waiting to receive our documents back from the DVLA. 

One of our visions is to be able to offer our customers as many high end road legal products as possible…so watch this space!

For more information on the Humley, check out the product page and get in touch if you want to know more.