The Worthing Herald Ride and Glide Article

We had a nice mention in the Herald on the ….. We set up a demo event day at Hove Lawns with all the products we stock ready for passer-by’s to enjoy riding around on! Ben Norris, a subcontractor journalist saw our event on Facebook and came down to talk to us about our future plans for Ride and Glide and of course to try all the products! He Kindly wrote this piece on us and managed to get it published, thanks Ben! Here’s to more demo days and articles in papers!

We are always happy to give demos to anyone over 14 years old at Ride and Glide, just give us a quick call before hand to make sure we have the product you like fully charged up!!

“Two men behind an electric transport transport company have been holding hands-on workshops to give people the opportunity to try their products.

Peter Line and Pascal Capon, both 34, set up their Worthing-based business Ride and Glide in response to the rising demand for personal electric vehicles such as scooters and bikes.

According to Mr Line, some of the retail products are toys but others-like its folding scooter-are a viable mode of transport, particularly in congested cities.

Mr Capon acknowledged that most of the vehicles were not road legal, but felt confident that they would become a common sight on our roads within a few years. He said : ‘Its only a matter of time until the transport authority weighs up the pros and cons of motorised scooters and bikes and rules in their favour’.

Mr line spoke about the environmental benefits of Ride and Glide and said: “We want to do our bit to bring down emissions and create a quieter place.”

When asked if he felt users of their electric bikes and scooters should have proficiency tests, Mr Capon was fully supportive of the idea.

He said: “We want as much regulation for these vehicles as possible- in order to change public perception and increase safety.”

In many cities across Europe, electric scooters are available for hire in a similar way to Londons Boris Bikes, but lack of established road laws for the vehicles has led to several accidents.

Mr Capon added: “With any new idea people are initially wary until they’re sure it’ll be implemented in the right way, but Brighton will take it on and I’m confident the council will do it right.”

“ From an environmental standpoint it makes sense- Brighton is a pain to drive around as it is, so if some of those making shorter commutes within the city switched to an electric bike it could help to ease congestion.”

Written by – Ben Norris

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