Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes or eBikes, are the latest must-have transportation in towns, cities and even rural areas. With a traditional bicycle shape and all the advantages that come with two wheels, simply adding an electric motor has delivered a safe, reliable method of transport.

They are a growing market that is experiencing huge growth. Thanks to the practicality of the bicycle and the power of an electric motor, you can have a little help up hills or a little more speed on your commute. Electric bikes are the future!

The Ride and Glide range of electric road bikes come from WATT. It includes classic urban designs with the New York Fixie to the racier Brooklyn. The Watt Boston Male and the Watt Boston Female, with a step-through frame, sit in the middle ground.

Each electric road bike can achieve a speed of up to 25km/h and a range of up to 70km. Each weighs around 17kg.

With rim or disc brakes, a controllable electric motor with variable power delivery, these electric road bikes provide a safe means of transport with a little help when you need it.