Ride and Glide FAQ

Product FAQ:                                                                                           

1. Are there any waterproof or water-resistant electric scooters?

Yes, there is a small selection of water-resistant electric scooters that Ride and Glide sell. You can find the full list on our electric scooter comparison table. The only scooter which is an IP65 rating is the Nami Burn-E electric scooter.

2. How can I pick the best e-scooter or e-bike for my current needs? 

We have an E-Scooter comparison table that can help you find out which e-scooters excel at certain product features. There is also an E-Bike comparison table to help show different e-bikes and their key features.

3. Are products sold by Ride + Glide delivered fully assembled?

Some of our products will be sent out partially assembled. E-Scooters will be sent with the handlebars disassembled, making the packaging is more compact. This is the same with E-Bikes – they will mostly come with the handlebars and pedals removed but reassembly of both e-scooter and e-bikes is a simple process and we can walk you through this if required. Products like Onewheels and EUCs doesn’t normally require any additional assembly. 

4. Is Ride + Glide part of the cycle to work schemes?

Yes, we are partnered with a number of cycle-to-work schemes. To view the full list of schemes we’re partnered with – Cycle to Work Schemes

5. Does Ride and Glide do part exchange from an e-scooter to an e-bike?

Yes, Ride and Glide will do a part exchange between e-scooter, e-bikes and Onewheels. Check out our official part exchange page for more information on the requirements of the part exchange program.

6. What happens if my product is not in stock and is on back order?

If an item you have ordered is not in stock, we will back order it for you and dispatch it as soon as possible once we have it in stock. We will be in contact with you either by phone or email.

Delivery and Payment:                                                                   

1. Do you offer long term payment plans? 

Yes, we have partnered up with Klarna and PayPal Credit to offer low-interest rates and affordable payment plans. You can check our examples and more details for each organisation’s fees (Ride + Glide Finance Options).

2. Why do item prices increase at checkout?

The increase may be due to VAT and import tax not being accounted for on the product page if the website thinks you’re located outside of the UK. The price will increase at checkout with added VAT. The delivery and returns section has lots of information about VAT, import taxes and delivery fees.

3. Can I pay with various payment methods and cards? 

Yes, it’s possible to split payment across various methods. For example, you can split payment across PayPal and credit card. Please contact us to discuss how this works and the best options for you. 

4. Does next day delivery come standard with an e-scooter order? 

Shipping fees and time frames are dependent on where you live. If you are in the UK then you can pay or qualify for express 1-2 day delivery. If you are located in Europe then delivery dates are more varied with the time frame being 5-10 days on average. If you want to find out more about shipping times and cost then you can find out more here.

5. Can you ship to the USA? 

We get this question a lot from customers but unfortunately, it’s not something that we currently provide due to the high shipping fees and import taxes.  



1. Does Ride + Glide allow people to ride vehicles?

Yes, we have a demo centre in West Sussex, UK (full location here). If we don’t have the product in stock then you must check in to see whether there is a demo unit available to test. The best way to make sure is by calling and booking an appointment.

2. Do you offer demo rides on Saturdays/Sundays?

Unfortunately, we currently are not open on Saturdays. This might change in the future but currently, it’s from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.


1. Can you repair vehicles that were not bought from Ride + Glide?

It is possible Ride and Glide will be able to fix your vehicle. This will depend on whether we have the parts required and if our technicians are happy to work on your make and model . There will be a fee for labour since the product is not covered under the Ride and Glide warranty. Check out the official service centre page for more information.

2. How to handle faulty items?

In the event that an item is believed to be faulty, please check the following before returning your goods: If there is a manual, please read through it thoroughly to ensure the correct installation of the product.

If the fault persists, please email [email protected] with a description of the fault and your unique order number. If it’s possible for you to attach a picture of the faulty part of the product that would be very helpful and speed up the process to getting the product fixed. As an alternative you can always call us on 0330 043 1980. Emails will usually be responded within 24 working hours.