About Ride + Glide

About our founders

Pete and Pascal were both born and raised on the South coast of England, near Brighton. The pair have brought their love of board riding and fun into Ride and Glide. A company dedicated to bringing high quality, eco-friendly, super fun products to the commuting and leisure industry. They firmly believe that electric transport is the future and are striving to make that a reality as soon as possible.

Customer service above all


We want to make sure that we stay on top of the innovation in the e-scooter, e-bike, and e-skate industry. The range Ride and Glide offers from high-speed off-road trailing to bargain price cruisers, we want to make everyone start their electric revolution journey with ease. We make sure the brands we partner with our high quality, built to last with some added style for flair. We have carefully picked brands that offer good warranty periods, return policies and customer service. Customer service is at the forefront of our company making sure your experience with us will helpful and memorable. Wherever possible we have sourced from UK companies to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of the scooter brands we partnered with is Nami. The Nami Burn-E is a top of the line ‘Super Scooter’ as people call it, with staggering speeds of up and waterproofing. Onewheels are an innovative leap for electric skateboarding, made extremely durable, and great for going off-road or just for cruising around. Super73 and Stealth take the lead for some of Ride and Glides most popular electric bikes. The Super73 e-bikes are more road-friendly casual cursing bikes, whereas the Stealth bikes are for mountain biking trails, taking on rough terrain.

Demo Centre

We understand that people won’t be able to make the best choices through online purchases alone. We have a demo centre to help you come in and make a more conclusive decision, feeling the speed and durability of some products can be a huge factor. Ride and Glide want to give you the feeling of the utmost confidence when buying a fun and exciting transport vehicle. You can see our FAQ’s demo section if you have any burning questions about taking a spin on some of the innovative products we offer. Call us on 0330 043 1980 for other questions.

Our Brand Partners

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The electric vehicle industry can be very daunting for people that have no idea what product would suit them best and how to go about finding them. Our support section is designed to offer balanced advice for customers that are searching for the right product for their needs. It includes product reviews, buying guides, instructional videos, Frequently asked questions and much more. Our aim is to give our customers confidence in their purchase and back that up with ongoing physical support in the form of our shop, product guarantees and servicing centre.

Striving for the best possible customer service, you can see the satisfaction from our hundreds of customers who loved the journey. We guarantee to make your issues and concerns our number one priority. The repair and service centre are paired with our fantastic warranty policy. We make sure that you’re getting the service you deserve. If you need any help with any concerns, please call us or pop into the demo centre, we’d love to have a chat and help direct you the right way for your electric vehicles.