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Videos are for illustrative purposes only and are aimed at our worldwide audience. Please check your local regulations for escooter use as currently they are not permitted on public land in the UK.

The Inmotion Climber electric scooter is a sleek, compact, powerful hill climber that delivers a smooth ride every time. Its dual brushless motors and large high quality battery, make the Climber a fast moving electric scooter that can go for miles. Perfect for adverse weather, the Inmotion Climber boasts an IPX6 water resistance rating giving the rider peace of mind on every journey.

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2 Years Warranty

You get 2 years warranty on the main scooter frame and 1 year on other major components, supported by our fully-equipped national service centres. See full warranty details.

Product Features

top speed
Top Speed:
Max Range
Max Range:
Charge Time
Charge Time:
MAx Weight
Max Weight:
Mechanical rear disc

E-scooters are only to be used on private land with the owner's consent.

Product Specification



Charging Time:

approx. 7hrs

Wheel Types:

10 x 2.125 

Front & Rear Pneumatic Tires

Max Range*:

56km / 35 miles

Max Speed:

38km/h / 23.7mph

Net Weight:


Max Slope*:


Max Loading:


Motor Nominal Power (Rating):


Max. Peak Power:



42V 13ah (533 WH)

Charger Output Voltage:


Charger Output Current:


Brake Types:

 Electronic Regen on both motors & Mechanical Rear Disc brake

IP Ratings (Body):


IP Ratings (Battery):


Unfolded Dimensions:


Folded Dimensions:


Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter being ridden by a man on a road wearing a helmet showing speed

The Inmotion Climber has really impressive acceleration as well as its climbing ability. it can hit 25km/h or 15mph in just 3.5seconds! For a lightweight, compact, portable scooter, the Climber really packs a punch and it tops out at 38km/h in no time!

Screen shot of the inmotion app

The Inmotion Climber is App compatible which offers the owner access to all of their riding data, ride recording, scooter security and so much more. There is even a community tab to link up with other riders from all round the world!

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter angled up on a white background showing it climbing a hill

With its smooth dual motors the Inmotion Climber kicks out 1500w of peak power which allows it to climb hills with ease. Inmotion claim that the Climber can tackle hills of 36% which is amazing for such a compact, lightweight scooter. Having a motor at the front and the rear of the electric scooter allows the rider to be pulled and pushed up a slope at the same time which is a massive advantage of a single motor scooter.

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter pictured from above on a dark background and showing it moving through water

One thing Inmotion do really well, is protecting their scooters from the elements. Their previous models, the S1 and L9 where great in damp conditions and the Climber boasts an IPX6 rating which brings so much confidence to the owner. Water damage on electric products is a constant worry so Inmotion take a lot of time to provide peace of mind for their customers.

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter shown from above on a black background with the deck removed focusing on the battery specification

Inmotion electric scooters are also known for their quality batteries and range. They feature a smart battery management system (BMS) to constantly monitor the status of each battery cell and improve the available capacity of a battery pack. They also include a battery balancer within the pack which performs battery balancing which can greatly increase each cells longevity and charging safely. The battery has also achieved an IPX7 water resistance rating which means that it has been submerged in water and still functions which is incredible!

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter from a rear view and focusing on the brakes

The Inmotion Climber boasts dual braking functionality. The rear mechanical disc brake coupled with the dual regen motor brakes give the climber really effective stopping power. Additionally the regen brakes feed back into the battery system which uses the power to recharge the cells, providing more range!

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter front on view on a white background focusing on the tyres

Tyres are so important for the comfort and stability of an electric scooter. Inmotion have furnished the Climber with 10 x 2.125 inch pneumatic tyres which are really comfortable and handle multiple terrains with ease. Inmotion have also included extra thick innertubes within the tyres which reduce the chance of punctures so great for maintenance.

Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter side on view on a black background with weights on the deck showing carrying capacity

For a scooter that weighs just over 20kg, the climber can handle an impressive 130kg of load capacity which means that they back their build quality and understand what the market requires.


1. All data on this page comes from INMOTION lab. Actual results may vary depending on the riding habits, terrain differences, environment variables, tire pressure, payload and various factors.

2. Max. power: The 750w max power data comes from INMOTION lab tests conducted in specific conditions.

3. Max. slope: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25℃ temperature with more than 60% power, starts at 15km/h, and climbs 10m from the bottom of the slope, the speed must be greater than 6km/h.

4. Typical range: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25°C temperature on a single full charge, riding 60% of the maximum speed at a constant speed on a flat road.

5. Waterproofness testing: The IPX7 rating is given after immersing the battery pack in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, without water damage after standing for 72 hours.

6. Dust testing: This is tested according to GB 4208-2008 to ensure that there can be no ingress of dust at all after placing the battery pack in the test chamber. Pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

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