Best Electric Scooter Reviews

Which electric scooter is currently the best out there? Well, there are many varying factors to consider, and lots of them will be circumstantial. We have compiled some of the best sources to make your purchasing decision easier. 

Electric Scooter Insider.

Josh is the author and creator of Electric Scooter Insider with a background in testing 140+ electric scooter models. His scooter list is very focused on the average electric scooter user. The specifications buttons make the content easily digestible, from the best commuting scooters to the fastest. If you’re looking for a reliable electric scooter, look no further than Electric Scooter Insiders’ best electric scooter list for a valuable, informative deep dive.


Electric Scooter Insider


Vrooomin has consistently been to the point, and their Best Electric Scooters reviews are no different. Their reviews tell you which electric scooter will be the best for your situation. The cut to chase style paired with a visually appealing scooter table is easily readable and informative for quickly flicky through. They work closely with major E-Scooter manufacturers to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information within their reviews.


Vrooomin Electric Scooter Reviews

Electric Scooter Guide

Electric Scooter Guide focuses on science and exclusive data to create the list. They have an easy to digest visual graph. Showing the range to price value for each scooter. This is just one example of their methodology for picking the best electric scooters. They show in clear detail their brake down for how they came to their conclusion from customer rating, range/dollar, range/weight, top speed per dollar and many more.

Electric Scooter Guide | Electric Scooter Review


ERideHero’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions through electric transport. Educating the public on the benefits of switching to electric, reducing carbon footprint. ERideHero wants what all E-Scooter companies want. Safety and emissions education to help further the industry. The reviews are not only detailed but include lots of thorough information about the scooter’s specs, build quality and value.

ERideHero Electric Scooter Review


The BestReview.Guide focuses on lots of different review categories, they are not just subject to scooter reviews. They provide information on a large variety of subjects, from home appliances to electric scooters. Having such varied reviews allows them to come into the electric scooter review with an open mind. They mainly cover the cheap and entry-level electric scooter that most first buyers will go for.

BestReviews.Guide Best Electric Scooter Reviews