Boosted Rev Review

October 25, 2019

 Anything from Boosted always packs a punch and this scooter is an absolute monster with two 750watt motors powering it. 

The finish of the Rev is sublime and ergonomically it has been clearly well thought about. It offers 3 different brake modes and 3 different speeds. With its top speed at 24mph it is one of the quickest out there and makes steep hills a breeze to cruise up!

Here Pascal reviews the awesome Boosted Rev Electric Scooter! We love taking The Rev out anytime so if you fancy a demo call us and we will make sure it is charged up and ready to go. For any enquirers just call us, email or reach us through livechat!



We love these products here at Ride and Glide because of their usefulness and the pure enjoyment they give you when riding them! Whether one is using them for daily rides, their mode of transport after parking up their motor-home, caravan or docking their yacht.

They are beautifully made, finished to a high detail and we are sure you are going to love them!


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