Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

January 15, 2019

E-Boards have taken skateboarding to a different dimension with their power, speed and design. There are so many on the market that offer all sorts of features, it is a real minefield when looking for the best one that suits you. We at Ride and Glide have put together a guide of what we believe to be the best boards on the market that can all offer the rider a unique experience.

Firstly some points to consider before picking a board:

1. What is most important feature to you?

This is such an important question because people are looking for very different things from their boards i.e. does it need to be the fastest, the most reliable, the best all-rounder or the lightest? Does it need to have the fasted charge time, furthest range or coolest design? These are all factors along with many others that can be considered when picking your board.

2. What is your budget?

This is significant because the lower the budget generally the more compromise must be made on performance. There are some exceptions which are great value for money whilst keeping a high level of performance which will be listed below.

3. Will your board be for commuting, leisure or both?

This relates to the first point because if cruising to work on tarmac is what you will predominantly be using your E-Board for then you will probably want something very different to if you are riding forest trails.

The below table lists each products key features:

Download product table

We hope the list above is helpful for giving a general idea of each board’s strengths in relation to each other. However, there is no substitute for getting on the boards and having a go yourselves. For example, the Min E may have a slower top speed than the Mellow Cruiser but it corners much tighter. The Leiftech doesn’t cruise like a Mellow or Flex E but it shreds like a snowboard. It’s really important to get the features that suit you and this can only be experienced by riding so we highly recommend demoing the products at our Centre.

Check out all of the boards at www.rideandglide.co.uk or drop in for a demo!