Onewheel FAQs

June 26, 2019

We get asked lots of questions about the Onewheel electric skateboards on a regular basis, so decided to share the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

We will be adding new questions and answers as we get them here, so check back to see if we’ve got yours answered.

General FAQs


Are Onewheels legal in the UK?

Onewheels are currently illegal in the UK unless used on private land. 

Are Onewheels dangerous?

Like anything new when you try it for the first time it can be dangerous. It is strongly advised to practice the Onewheel in a quiet, private area such as your driveway (if available) for a good amount of time until you feel comfortable stopping, being able to turn easily and have a decent grasp of your speed control. If you push the nose of the Onewheel down too far when gaining speed the motor can cut out which can cause a bit of a shock to the rider, but the trick is to not push it too much and just enjoy the Onewheel for what it is – a chilled out cruise machine! Once you have grasped the Onewheel they are actually very easy and amazing fun, hence why they are so popular! We love them at Ride and Glide and can’t wait to ride them in the evening when the shop has closed. It’s a race to pick up the Onewheel in our office at the end of the day!

Are Onewheels waterproof?

The Onewheel is water resistant up to a point. I definitely wouldn’t be riding it through puddles! However, riding it in light drizzle for a while should be fine. Many riders buy rubber plugs that you can cover over the charging point and power point to stop any water finding its way in there. These can be available online through independent outlets, but not through the Onewheel shop. It’s also suggested that when cleaning it you should use compressed air if possible. Best not to take the garden hose to it.

How do you clean a Onewheel?

Grip tape cleaner is the best method for cleaning the deck of your Onewheel. When it comes to cleaning the Onewheel after a ride through the woods or on a beach, an air compressor is the best method for cleaning it. Avoid using too much water for reasons mentioned above (Are Onewheels waterproof?). A damp cloth could be used for cleaning the rails and fender, but remember to keep water away from the power button and charging point

What is the maximum weight for the Onewheel?

The Onewheel is designed to be used by riders of up to 125kg. The strong go-kart tyre that is used allows this.

Can you take a Onewheel on a plane?

With the Onewheel + you will have to get in contact with your airline to see if you can take it onboard. However, with the XR you will not be able to, as this has a different type of battery.

How much does a Onewheel weigh?

The Onewheel + weighs in at 11kg and the XR at 12.5kg.The Pint is 10.5kg and comes with a maghandle, which clips on to the side of the board and allows for ease of carrying too.

Riding the Onewheel

How does the Onewheel start?

After charging your Onewheel, just click the power button on the side and you are ready to go! The pulsing light that appears after you have switch on your Onewheel indicates how charged your Onewheel is. The more “on” the light is pulsing, the more it is charged. If the light is mainly off it means it needs some juice! When the light is blinking rapidly it means there is an error. Its best to consult your Onewheel manual then. One of the most common reasons for an error light is people pressing the power button when the Onewheel is not placed on the ground.

Can a Onewheel go uphill?

The Onewheel, with a 750 watt hub core motor, has no problem cruising up hills. The torque is incredibly powerful and where other e-boards struggle, the Onewheel excels!

How does the Onewheel turn?

It’s very similar to snowboarding and skateboarding when it comes to turning. You simple just apply a little pressure to your toes to turn inwards and heels to turn outwards. It’s very responsive and first time riders get to understand it pretty quickly, even those who have no history of boarding.

How fast does the Onewheel go?

The Onewheel + and XR have a maximum speed of 19mph. The Pint’s maximum is 16mph. This maximums can vary slightly depending on the weight of the person and the terrain.

How many miles does the Onewheel travel for?

The + and the Pint travel for 6-8 miles and the XR for 12-18 miles. With regards to life span, this has a fairly varied answer depending on how well the Onewheel has been looked after. You can look after it by charging it up properly and regularly, and by keeping it serviced. The warranty covers you for up to 1,243 miles or 12 months whichever comes first! These things are built like tanks and if looked after will serve you very well.

Can you ride the Onewheel in the rain?

The Onewheel is water repellent so you could ride it in light drizzle, but we would strongly recommend covering up the charging point and power button with a rubber plug, which you can source online. When it comes to raining hard it might be best to give your Onewheel a ‘day off’. 

Have a further question about the Onewheel?

If you have more questions about the Onewheel series (the Plus, XR or Pint) or the accessories then please give us a call on 0330 043 1980 or email [email protected]. You can also contact us via one of our social media accounts (see the links to these at the bottom of this page).