Onewheel Adventures At The Surrey Hill Adventure Club

January 14, 2020

Coming in 2020, The Surrey Hill Adventure Company will be offering Onewheel adventures, go through the woodland trails and experience the beautiful nature Surrey Hill offers, whilst carving the fresh asphalt on the self-balancing board that is becoming increasingly more popular around the world and for those who want to get more involved, Ride + Glide will be selling all Onewheel products and accessories at The SHAC!

The SHAC “Many people believe we are turning into a cotton wool society that are missing out on important experiences that help raise self-esteem, give confidence and increase motivation. The SHAC is here to help redress the balance through adventure.”

The PRIMARY objective of SHAC is to help redress the balance by combining outdoor adventure with education and to re-connect children and adults with the great outdoors. Aiming to help increase the understanding of the woodland and the water and its ecology whilst introducing the benefits of taking risks in a safe, well managed and informative environment.

Check out our promo video in collaboration with The SHAC and produced by Luke Whatley-Bigg