Ride And Glide My Electric Revolution

January 15, 2019

When I hear the words “scooter” or “skateboard”, my mind takes me back to being a carefree kid. Riding around my town looking for some smooth tarmac or hitting the skatepark was a daily ritual back then for me and my friends. As I’d gotten older and become a real-life adult with a job, and wife and kids, that smooth tarmac seemed like a distant memory…………until my eyes were opened to the world of lightweight electric transport!

Commuting for me was never a particularly enjoyable experience, with the traffic, queuing and constant delays. Its now turned into the highlight of my day. Cruising past cars, buses and bikes on an electric skateboard or scooter has brought back that same feeling from my childhood, freedom! I now arrive at work fresh and exhilarated, even if its raining. I cut through the leafy parks that were before just visible through a grubby bus window. No more tube rides sandwiched between fellow commuters and no more robotic tannoy ringing in your ears telling you that the next service has been cancelled.

Those first electric vehicles were incredibly fun, and I would even go as far as to say liberating, but they were not always 100% reliable. We are now some years on from those early designs and the vehicles now may look similar to their predecessors, but they are lightyears ahead when it comes to performance and reliability.

On the industry leaders the batteries are lighter and more powerful yet charge quicker. The motors are quieter and more efficient and the ride quality smooth and effortless. They have LED lights including brake lights and indicators.

Journeys can be tracked on apps that give live speed, remaining charge, route information and much more. The scooters can even be folded by quick release to fit under a desk or in a corner at home. Maybe the most obvious benefit though, is the financial saving that electric vehicles can provide when compared with petrol/diesel cars and public transport.

Just plug them in at work or at home for a couple of hours and they are fully charged and ready to go.

On top of all the amazing features listed above, the environmental benefits of electric transport over petrol/diesel are hard to ignore. The world is evolving, and we really want to be part of that in a positive way. Starting Ride and Glide with my business partner Pete, is our first step into the world of renewable energy. Our goal is to offer transport options to commuters and leisure riders that are as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst keeping the sense of freedom and fun that we had as kids.

Check out www.rideandglide.co.uk to see all the electric products. Call us for more info or to arrange a demo and experience for yourselves the electric revolution!

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