WATT New York Fixie 54cm Electric Bike (Ex-Demo)


This is a great example of a Watt New York fixie electric bike, which has had very light use only 5.3 miles for shop demos. Frame size is a 54

It is clean and has been very well looked after. Brand new Michelin tyres fitted!

This bike has been thoroughly checked over by our in-store technicians.

Includes original charger.

We offer a 3 month warranty on the bike from date of purchase and have technicians in house to resolve any queries.

The New York Fixie is about as raw as an urban e-bike can get. The Fixie has been stripped of everything that is not necessary.  Most parts are easy to get hold of too which allows the rider to have a maintenance easy and affordable ride.  If you love simplicity and want an entry level e bike for cruising the streets which is also beautifully finished, the New York Fixie is for you!

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3m Months Warranty

You get a 3 month warranty on all major bike components, supported by our fully-equipped service centre. See full warranty details.

Product Features

top speed
Top Speed:
Max Range
Max Range:
Charge Time
Charge Time:
3 to 5hrs
MAx Weight
Max Weight:
Rim Brakes/ Front and Back

Product Specification

Top Speed

25km/h (PAS)

Max Range

30-60km depending on certain variables

Charge Time

3-5 hours



Max Load



Rim brakes rear and front

Motor Size



36v-10.5Ah 314Wh Samsung

Wheel Size

28" / 37-622


Stainless Steel
Frame Size 54cm and 59cm, Aluminum Frame
Charging Point On frame


Aluminium black/ Glanzend Zwart


Integrated in the handle bar

Pedal Assistance 5 levels


On batteries

Speed indication and Functions

km/h / Average speed, distance and time

The frame of the New York is made of Aluminium which makes the bike light and strong. The bike is lightweight at 17kg making it easy to ride without the pedal assist. The ratio between the rear and front sprockets is 2.75, this is also called the gear ratio which means that you can cycle at a higher speed and do not have to pedal as hard. The slight disadvantage to this is that cycling or accelerating can feel a little heavier. However, the electric motor pretty much eliminates this disadvantage! The electric motor is found in the rear axle and is 250watt. The motor offers 5 support settings that range from approximately 5 km to 25km. Obviously the more you pedal yourself , the less power you will use from the battery!

The battery for the New York is concealed in the down tube. This makes sure that there is  an ideal weight distribution and that the cycling still feels natural and familiar. Charging from completely empty the battery takes about 3 hours and the average life of a battery is about three years or about 500 charging cycles. Replacing the battery is also no problem, this can be easily done yourself  or have it done by ourselves at Ride and Glide. We offers servicing and general advice and care to your bike also. Lastly the range is is around 30-60km. There are obvious factors which affect the range like rider weight, surface, etc but the range is more than enough for urban city cruising!

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