Waterproof Electric Scooters

Deciding to purchase an electric scooter can sometimes be an arduous process. So many options; from high range, fast speeds, to waterproof and durability. These are all key factors to consider about how the right electric scooter can fit into your lifestyle. Many of the electric scooters out there don’t have waterproofing or an IP certification which can be off-putting for most people. That’s why this article will carefully discuss which waterproof scooter will be most suited for you.

Which electric scooters are water-resistant or waterproof?

When talking about which electric scooter has the best IP ratings, The Nami Burn-E scooter comes in at first place. This monstrous electric scooter is ideal for on and off-road riding. Clocking a top speed of 95km/hr (60mph for the imperial system readers out there). With a max range of 150km, you can keep going, rain or shine. The Nami boasts a whopping rating of IP55 + IP65, meaning it can tear through puddles and be drenched in rain without breaking sweat.


Nami Burn-E – IP55 + IP65

Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter

The IP ratings are highly important in determining which scooters are waterproof and water-resistant. The most common IP rating for scooters is IP54 rating which on the IP rating table below states that it can handle light and heavy rain. These electric scooters are great for the average person riding on sealed roads. The list of scooters that are IP54 rated goes as follows:

Apollo Phantom – IP54

Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter

Apollo Ghost – IP54

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

Apollo Explore – IP54

Apollo Explore Electric Scooter

VSETT 10+ – IP54

VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

VSETT 9+ Dual Motor – IP54

VSETT 9 Electric Scooter

VSETT 9 – IP54

VSETT 9 Electric Scooter

VSETT 8 – IP54

VSETT 8 Electric Scooter

The lowest IP-rated scooter that Ride and Glide, is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 which is IPX4 rated. This IP rating doesn’t allow the Kaabo to go through much-wet terrain without risking damaging internal components. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 can be exposed to infrequent rain, mist, and some wet ground. As great as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 is with off-road terrain trails, there shouldn’t be many deep puddles or constant rain. This can cause the internal batteries to get damaged, which can be a pretty penny to fix.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 – IPX4

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is another one of Kaabos water-resistant scooters which has an IP rating of IPX5. The IPX5 rating allows the Wolf King GT to be the off-road monster it always wanted to be. Allowing it to be subjected to puddles and rain can open an array of all-new riding seasons, meaning you can enjoy a trail ride through the autumn and winter. Driving through puddles and light rain is in most cases, enough resistance for high volume rainy countries. Since this e-scooter boasts a premium price tag, fans can rejoice that creating water-resistant parts was one of the distinctive features Kaabo decided to implement for this model. 

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro – IPX5

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 Electric Scooter

How does the IP water resistance certification work for electric scooters?

Before jumping the gun to purchase an electric scooter for off-road trailing or heavy rain riding, you need to understand some things about IP ratings.

Most electric scooters aren’t manufactured with the intention of being ridden in the pouring rain or through murky puddles. All electric scooters have expensive internal batteries and controllers, which would be a good reason to go for the water-resistant options. Some electric scooters won’t prioritise water resistance or proofing as a priority and instead focus on speed, range, and design. Nevertheless, few electric scooter companies have decided to start implementing water resistance as a feature due to the high demand in the market.

Below is a table of the different types of IP ratings you can come to expect from some electric scooters:






Possibly some water resistance, but nothing guaranteed; not advised to use in wet conditions


Wet ground, mist/fog; light, infrequent rain


Light, constant rain, puddles


Infrequent dusty, rocky roads; wet ground, mist/fog, light, infrequent rain


Occasional off-roading; wet ground, mist/fog, light, infrequent rain


Occasional off-roading; puddles, light, constant rain


All-terrain; puddles, light, constant rain


All-terrain; heavy, constant rain, some immersion


At Ride and Glide, we have provided an electric scooter comparison table. This can help you briefly see which electric scooters have which IP certification.

 Summary of water-resistant electric scooters


Considering all the waterproof electric scooter options out there it’s always best to go for one that suits your lifestyle. Whether you are a daily road rider or an enjoyer of trail riding in the countryside, selecting the right water-resistant electric scooter is key for long term durability.