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This section of the site is dedicated to providing visitors with knowledge about light electric vehicles. This includes buying guides, up to date legislation, training videos and much more. If you cant find the answer you are looking for here or need any more info then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

cLOSEr LOOK AT THE Skotero humley

The Humley is new to the streets in the UK! Its high quality finish and slick look  make it a real eye catcher.

cLOSEr LOOK AT THE Boosted rev

Anything from Boosted always packs a punch and this scooter is an absolute monster with two 750watt motors powering it.


Pascal gives a detailed description of the products, running through the pros, cons and details of how to use the product and where the Stigo was born!


Despite the Onewheel being popular with people who have skated, snowboarded or surfed, they are easy to learn to ride with a fast learning curve, making them popular with everyone, regardless of your previous riding experience. In this guide we cover some of the basic tips to make riding your Onewheel as fun as it should be.


As well as the Onewheel offering you an amazing and unique riding experience, it also has the added benefit of a specific mobile app, produced by Future Motion. This allows you to track your activity and that of other riders, plus control the riding experience directly with Digital Shaping. In this guide we will give you the lowdown on what the app can do, how to use it and where to get it from.


The Pint is the latest model in the Onewheel range of electric skateboards and despite it’s smaller size, is just as fun to ride as its bigger brothers (the Onewheel+ and the Onewheel XR). In this guide we take a look at the specifications for it, plus give you more information about this small, but powerful ride.


The Onewheels are built to give you miles and miles of riding pleasure, but like any vehicle you need to make sure you stay on top of maintenance to keep them in the best working order. In this guide we cover some of the main topics that we get ask questions about when it comes to Onewheel maintenance. 


We get asked lots of questions about the Onewheel electric skateboards on a regular basis, so decided to share the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.


E-Boards have taken skateboarding to a different dimension with their power, speed and design. There are so many on the market that offer all sorts of features, it is a real minefield when looking for the best one that suits you.

Introduction to PLEV’s

A Personal Light Electric Vehicle is typically an electric vehicle with 2 to 4 wheels, powered by a battery, fuel cell, or hybrid-powered. They generally weigh less than 100kg and some examples are electric bicycles, electric kick scooters, electric skateboards and Unicycles.

E-Scooter Buying Guide

Electric scooters are putting the fun back into commuting whilst saving people time and money. Whether you are nipping round the corner or going on a day trip, there is an E-Scooter to suit you.

Time to Ride & Glide

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“The Skotero Extreme has ticked all the boxes!  We needed  our officers to get to work quickly, efficiently and safely and it does the job perfectly. The scooter is comfortable, whilst including safety lights and a horn which are essential for us. The customer service throughout our purchase was very professional and reassuring. We will certainly be recommending Ride and Glide.”

Nancie T, One Parking Management

Wow! Thank you R&G. I absolutely love my Mellow Drive S. Not only am i grateful for your advice but i really appreciate your help with fitting it. I have never travelled to work on my longboard so easily. Already saved £150 in fuel this month! Can not recommend these guys and the kit, enough.

Nick Ford - School Teacher, Plymouth .

After going for a test run on the SR FLEX-E board I knew I wouldn’t be walking much in the future, I had to have it and now I do! I love taking it down the seafront promenade and going for a cruise. Pete and Pascal were great finding a board best suited to me and I thank them for their help.

Jeremy Innes - Marketing Strategist.